Introducing the next level of nail treatment...... ibx

Created by the co-founders of Dadi’Oil, IBX is a revolutionary protective treatment system for use under gel polish, nail lacquer, or even if you like your nails naked. The two-part system, comprised of IBX and IBX Repair, is the key to protection from soak-off damage and the solution to weak, damaged, peeling nails in only a few applications. Both IBX and IBX Repair penetrate into the nail plate and work to toughen from the inside out. It is the first treatment of its kind as it is applied like a polish, cured with LED or UV light, works inside the nail as opposed to sitting on top and requires no removal.

Here at Kerryann's, we bring you IBX in several ways.......

IBX Nail Rehab | Course Of 6 Treatments

IBX Nail Rehab is a pre paid course of treatments and only available once purchased through the ‘pre paid’ plans tab within our booking system.
Through an intensive and targeted 6 week course of IBX treatments we aim to restore the overall health of your nails.
One treatment must be carried out on a weekly basis for the duration of the 6 weeks.
You will be treated to a full manicure, including a paraffin wax treatment.
This will be followed by the IBX process; a keratin based treatment using heat to penetrate the layers of the nail.
This works best leaving the nails naked.

The course of intensive and targeted treatments is excellent for those with problematic nails through being weak, peeling, chipping and splitting.


IBX Nail Rehab | Single Manicure Treatment

As above, after a full manicure, a hydrating paraffin wax is applied to restore moisture and finished with the IBX treatment process. IBX can have an effect after a single treatment and is a good boost for those whose hands and nails need a 'pick me up'.


IBX Add On

IBX can be provided as an 'add on' to an existing nail service including; file and polish, shellac etc. Using the IBX system underneath the nail coating can help to maintain the integrity of the nails whilst having repeated gel polish application and soak offs.


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